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CulturaTour takes you to best cultural destinations in Italy alongside our team of amazing Tour Directors. Our tours are a life changing experience, filled with culture, fashion, opera, cuisine, wine tasting, cooking classes, and unforgettable memories.


The experience we offer will make you feel like a a local.


Just like us.


CulturaTour was created by locals, with the goal of designing tours that will make you feel like a local.  So before you explore further, we would like to share with you our Code of Excellence, it’s what makes our tours truly special and is overarching approach in every tour we create.

We only take you to places where you can truly dive into the local culture, the food, and the people.


Each of our tours revolves around the “CuturaTour Code of Excellence” which means you will <strong>experience the culture</strong> that makes our destinations so unique, join a small group of fellow travelers, and make the memories of a lifetime.


If you’d like to be treated as a friend being shown around to the best Italy has to offer with a behind-the-scene pass, we think you’ll love our tours.


That’s CulturaTour.                                                                             Join us.

What Our Guests Have To Say About Us

We love our guests, and they love us back. Because we strive for excellence, we feel there’s always room for improvement. That's why we ask for feedback from everyone who travels with us. Here’s what some of our guests had to say about joining our tours to Italy. We are eager to read what you'll have to say after traveling with us!

The trip was more than any of us could have imagined. The accommodations were amazing, along with the transportation (and drivers). The food and wine were "out of this world."  Elizabeth did an exceptional job and everybody loved her. I will definitely "spread the word" about CulturaTour Liz Washburn

Owner, Giving Tree Realty

"Absolutely loved our tour - not sure if it was the food, wine, cultural experiences or our Tour Director, Elizabeth, but this tour far exceeded our expectations. We absolutely loved it and can't wait to take another CulturaTour trip!" Victoria McGovern

Former Principal, Union County Early College

"If anyone is thinking about taking any of the itineraries with CulturaTour - ELizabeth was great and I wouldn't hesitate to take more. It is truly worth every penny and you will only go home with the greatest of memories and experiences that only locals can provide."

Valeria Cortez


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